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Ming Dai

  1. graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University 1977-1982.

  2. worked in Shanghai and other cities in China as Doctor of Internal Medicine 1983-2003.

  3. attended intensive program Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1990-1991.

  4. committed exhaustive research in the most respected Traditional Chinese Medicine books and is considered a TCM Scholar.

  5. relocated to the United States and went for Master Degree at University of East-West Medicine in San Francisco, CA 2004 and received a California Acupuncture License.

  6. opened a private practice clinic in San Francisco 2004-2005.

  7. treated spine patients with Dr. Chiu in Los Angeles 2005-2008. 

  8. continues to be a sought-after lecturer on Eastern Herbal benefits in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Hu Nan 2004-present.

  9. opened a private acupuncture practice in Los Angeles 2005-present.

Ming Dai has treated tens of thousands of patients with successful results for 28 years. Although first trained in Western medicine, she later realized through personal family experience that in many respects Western medicine was limited to solving symptoms when she witnessed Traditional Chinese Medicine go further to not only reverse desperate health symptoms but render the patient free from their diseases in many cases. Thus she immersed herself into studying the traditional Chinese ways with the most reliable text and teachers available. She found she had a unique gift to guide her patients through the proper diagnosis often with natural treatments and witnessed great successes.

Upon relocating to the United States and receiving more training as well as her state acupuncture license, she saw many people, who after being treated and returned to health from advanced diseases, were grateful beyond measure. In San Francisco, after she managed successful treatments with a businessman’s foot who thought he was going to need amputation, he donated an office space to her free-of-charge in order to reach and help more patients.

Often surgery is not the answer and can be prevented with Traditional Eastern diagnosis and treatments. Ming is committed to help people retain hope and maintain or restore health. She has also recently partnered with several other doctors who are backing her research and testing, and will help launch her highest-quality powerful herbal formulas under her soon-to-be-released label “Ming’s Miracle Herbs.” Beyond her medical and traditional health knowledge, Ming is a caring practitioner who lives as she teaches, practices what she preaches, and devotes all of her attention towards helping individuals with utmost respect, care and adoration.




Ming Dai

Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

(818) 841-0148

3601 W. Magnolia Blvd.

Burbank, CA 91505

(across from Porto's and Chase Bank)

parking in back

M-Sat 10-6, Sunday by appointment

Has Western medicine failed to give you satisfying results? You owe it to yourself to join over 10,000 others in experiencing the insight and experience of Professor Ming Dai. 

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